Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is App Place?

App Place Telegram bot (App Place) is a suite of Apps created by with the aim of offer to our users easy & helpful mobile applications that can be used from any device. As make more Apps they'll be added to App Place.

Why App Place?

Main advantages of App Place >

Best Apps in only one Telegram bot

Works on any device (Android, iPhone/iPad, Web, macOS, Windows, Linux)

No extra sing up required *

No extra Log in required *

Only one user verification process for all Apps

If you want more than our free options, pay only one plan and use it in all our Apps

100% self updatable, only restart App Place to update to his lastest version **

Number of Apps keeps growing on time.

(*) Only needs Telegram running in your device.
(**) Read Menu to learn how to reset App Place.

Why have we chosen Telegram as the App Place container?

We chose Telegram as the App Place container for the next reasons >

The most private and secure messaging App

Easy bots creation

Open source

Unlimited storage

Good reference documentation

Works on any device

Do I need to "sing up" or "log in" on App Place?

As user already registered and logged in Telegram you do not need to do either in App Place, you only need to accept the initial App Place terms and conditions.

I need any special Telegram setup before start using App Place?

Yes, you need to follow this Telegram setup before start using App Place>

App Place Telegram setup

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